Agoda Reveals Most Popular Destinations to Celebrate the Year of the Tiger

Big cities and tourist favorites are back in favor for travel this Lunar New Year as travelers head to tourist hotspots to ring in the year of the Tiger, according to booking data from digital travel platform, Agoda. Asia wide, the data shows metropolitans and capital cities as top destination choices, including Shanghai (#1 China), Tokyo (#1 Japan), Kuala Lumpur (#1 Malaysia), Manila (#1 Philippines), and Bangkok (#1 Thailand). While in other markets, classic resort destinations are travelers’ top picks, including Bali (#1 Indonesia), Jeju Island (#1 Korea), Taichung (#1 Taiwan), Phu Quoc Island (#1 Vietnam).

Agoda reveals most popular destinations to celebrate the Year of the Tiger
Agoda reveals most popular destinations to celebrate the Year of the Tiger

Agoda’s data continues to see trends of emerging destinations across multiple markets as travelers primarily continue to stick to domestic travel and to explore their own ‘backyard’. New to this year’s top eight most popular destination lists are Berastagi (#6 Indonesia) and Hongcheon-gun (#5 Korea) which boast their great escape to nature. Nantou with stunning mountain and lake comes in at #8 in Taiwan’s list. Coastal city Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh) rounds out Vietnam’s top eight list. In Malaysia, seaside Kota Kinabalu re-joins the ranks at #7 and gateway to Malaysia, Johor Bahru at #8.

Travelers from China, Malaysia, and Vietnam maintain their preference for 4-5 star accommodation, followed by 1-3.5 star and non-hotel accommodation. Korean and Thai travelers are upgrading their stay this year to a more upscale accommodation (4-5 star). Travelers from Japan and Taiwan continue to opt for budget accommodation (1-3.5 star). While Indonesian travelers this year saw a shift from 4-5 star to 1-3.5 star.

ShanghaiBaliTokyoJeju Island
Hong KongBandungOsakaSeoul
GuangzhouYogyakartaOkinawa Main islandSokcho-si
ZhuhaiBatam IslandYokohamaPyeongchang-gun
Top eight most popular destinations by market for Lunar New Year 2022
Kuala LumpurManilaTaichungBangkokPhu Quoc Island
PenangBoracay IslandTaipeiChiang MaiDalat
MalaccaCebuKaohsiungKhao YaiNha Trang
IpohTagaytayTainanPhuketVung Tau
LangkawiDavao CityHualienHua Hin / Cha-amPhan Thiet
Port DicksonBaguioYilanPattayaHo Chi Minh City
Kota KinabaluBoholChiayiKrabiDa Nang
Johor BahruBatangasNantouChiang RaiQuy Nhon (Binh Dinh)
Top eight most popular destinations by market for Lunar New Year 2022

Market specific data

China – Shanghai remains the most popular destination. Others on this year’s list include Hong Kong, Chengdu and Zhuhai, while Xian, Shenzhen and Suzhou are not on this year’s top eight, having been number #3, #5 and #8 in 2021.

Indonesia – Bali supersedes last year’s champ – Bandung. Berastagi and Batam Island join the top eight, pushing Surabaya and Bogor off the list.

Japan – City stays push Okinawa out of top three for Lunar New Year 2022. Tokyo retains top spot, while Fukuoka jumps three popularity places to this year’s #3 destination.

Korea – Jeju Island, Seoul, and Busan remain the top three most popular destinations. Hongcheon-gun emerged at #5, knocking Gyeongju-si ifrom this year’s top eight.

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur takes the crown from Penang as the top destination for Malaysians this Lunar New Year. Ipoh rises four spots to #4. This year’s top eight popular destinations list welcomes back Kota Kinabalu (#7) and Johor Bahru (#8).

Philippines – Manila and Cebu leaptto the top and second most popular destinations to celebrate the year of the Tiger, pushing Cebu and Tagaytay down to #3 and #4 respectively. Davao city debuts at #5 this yearwhile Subic (Zambales)

Taiwan – Taichung surpasses Taipei and becomes the most popular destination for Lunar New Year celebrations this year as Taiwan travelers opt for access to the mountains to celebrate. Nantou joins at #8, pushing Taitung Off the top eight list.

Thailand – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Khao Yai, Phuket hold their spots firmly, taking the top four places respectively. Hua Hin/Cha-am (#5) and Krabi (#7) both jumped up the ranks one spot, while Pattaya (#6) and Chiang Rai (#8) went down one place each.

Vietnam – Resort cities Phu Quoc Island, Dalat, Nha Trang, Vang Tau, Phan Thiet remain at the top five places to celebrate TET. Ho Chi Minh City climbed two places to #6. Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh) comes in at #8, nudging Sapa off the list.

Data is based on Agoda’s booking data, collected on 13 January 2022, with comparable check-in dates as first day of Lunar New Year for each respective year – 1 February 2022 and 12 February 2021 (collected on 10 January 2021).

Via: Agoda


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