EVme Electric Vehicle Platform Brings EV Experience of Full-services to your Doorstep

EVme, the only Electric Vehicle (EV) lifestyle platform in Thailand, provides a full range of services offering its users the worry-free experience of driving the EV that suits their lifestyle and preferences.

EVme Electric Vehicle EV lifestyle platform in Thailand
EVme Electric Vehicle EV lifestyle platform in Thailand

Mr. Suvicha Sudchai, CEO & MD, EVME PLUS Co., Ltd. revealed that EVME PLUS was established under ARUN PLUS Co., Ltd., which is an affiliate of PTT Group, to promote electric vehicle adoption and drive towards sustainable society in Thailand. The future energy revolution could change the course of history to a cleaner-energy transportation system. According to Mr. Suvicha, the importance of this future energy revolution can influence many people’s lives, hence, the EVme app is officially launched. The EVme app provides incredible opportunities for customers to experience EVs that fit their lifestyle, needs, and preferences. The app was essentially designed to remove barriers to EV adoption offering an all-in-one solution that delivers straight to your door. Customers can select and subscribe to a variety of EV models to help find their perfect match starting from 3 days and up to 12 months at a worry-free price, which includes EVme’s exceptional services, such as delivery and pick-up, first-class insurance, 24/7 call center, roadside assistance and emergency battery charging services in the Bangkok vicinity area. Additionally, EVme provides information on all charging stations across Thailand so customers can fully experience the EV lifestyle through the app. These services, will undoubtedly change the way people think about getting EVs, which is easier than you might think.

“EVME PLUS aims to build a trusted community of EV users who believe in the future of clean energy and technology. EVme will support the future mobility revolution and drive towards a ‘Low Carbon Society'” said Mr. Suvicha.

The EVme app can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to start exploring your EV experience. For more information, please contact Tel: 0-2021-0162 E-mail: Info@evme.io Line: @EVme Facebook Fanpage: EVmeTH


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