An app that reduces your music when you cross the street


BBDO Bangkok conducted a campaign promoting Safe & Sound Music Player, an application that reduces the volume of your headphones to avoid road accidents.

In recent years, many road accidents in Thailand are caused by pedestrians who travel with earphones or headphones. Many pedestrians distracted by their music, have lost their lives no longer aware of the surrounding environment, including the danger of vehicles.

The insurance company LMG and BBDO Bangkok collaborated to create a powerful campaign to promote the app Safe & Sound Music Player, which could save thousands of lives and create awareness that listening to music with a high volume in the vicinity of a road is dangerous.

By integrating a GPS functionality, this application detects the edge of a road, or a railway. The volume of the music is automatically reduced to 70%. The microphone of the smartphone is then activated so the pedestrian can hear ambient noise and avoid an accident.

Source : Thai Tribune



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